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Code Breaker

A white screen with two sections. The objective and rules are on the right side. The left side has the title Code Breaker, with a correct green guess of 7963 underneath. Below that, a gray button says Play again, and the user's previous guesses are listed below.

Crack the code in 10 guesses or less!



A white screen with the word Snake written across the top. The page shows a score of 8 and a game board with a purple border. Inside the board, a red line is moving towards a green dot.

Eat the food without touching your tail!



A white background with three sections in a column. The first section is a 5 by 6 grid of squares; the first row is filled with the letters pearl, the others are blank. Below the grid is an input with the word CHART inside it, followed by a qwerty keyboard display, with a mix of green, dark gray, and light gray backgrounds.

Guess the word in 6 guesses or less!